White Ensign Flying
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White Ensign Flying

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White Ensign Flying -The Story Of HMCS TRENTONIAN

ISBN: 978-1-45971-039-9

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The courageous, historic story of an incredible Royal Canadian Navy fighting ship during the Second World War and the last corvette to be lost in action with the enemy.

White Ensign Flying tells the story of HMCS Trentonian, a Canadian corvette that fought U-Boats in the Second World War. Trentonian escorted convoys on the North Atlantic and through the deadly waters near England and France. The ship was attacked by the Americans in a friendly-fire incident during Operation Neptune and later earned the dubious distinction of being the last corvette sunk by the enemy.

Litwiller has interviewed many of the men who served in Trentonian and collected their stories. Their unique personal perspectives are combined with the official record of the ship, giving an intimate insight into the life of a sailor — from the tedium of daily life in a ship at sea to the terror of fighting for your life in a sinking ship.


The crew of TRENTONIAN join the east coast fishing fleet when a depth charge is dropped off the Grand Banks, providing a seafood feast. Over thirty sailors from TRENTONIAN contributed their stories for White Ensign Flying.

Over one hundred photos from the private collections of the crew and military archives bring the story of Trentonian to life, illustrating this testament to the ship and the men who served in it.

Available -Paperback or EBook
192 pages
Released March 2014 -Dundurn Publishing

BONUS MATERIAL -Additional information on TRENTONIAN and her crew, not published in White Ensign Flying.
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